The fit….its all about you, but here’s a little about me.

I’m a bay area resident, for the second and last time, going on six years now. I’ve ridden bikes since I can remember and have been racing for nearly as long. Time on the bike has ebbed and flowed over the years but has never ceased to be a major part of my life. Whether I’m on a beautiful ride with good friends, hopping into the occasional race or simply enjoying a solo excursion to get some fresh air cycling has always been a constant in what is an ever changing, hectic world.

Bike fitting is not a part time, clock in/clock out, extra spending money endeavor for me. It’s a full time labor of love, something I spend most of my waking hours studying and trying to continually improve at. Sometime in the past I was an executive at a very good company making a very good living in a job I really didn’t like. Throwing caution to the wind, giving friends and family pause to this day, taking a leap of faith and selling my house but keeping my dog, my wine and my bikes I moved across the country and down the road of doing what I love. I now spend my days meeting amazing people like yourselves and getting them set up on their bikes just right. Am I changing the world? Not even….but if I can get my clients just a little more comfortable on their bikes, which might contribute to a beautiful weekend ride, pain free pedaling or even a podium at a local race, then my job is done and I’m probably happier than they are. If you know of anything better I could be doing please…let me know. I’m listening.

Cycling is a lifestyle for me, one that is spent socially with teammates, friends and family. I’m fortunate enough to be part of a terrific group that rides down the coast each spring. When we’re able to, my girlfriend and I book a hotel and head north to spend time cycling throughout Napa by day and enjoy the local cuisine and wine in the evenings.

Here’s a few additional things I’m involved in.

•  Cycling Instructor, Manager-Biomechanics at Endurance Performance Training Center

•  Head Coach – Tamalpais High School Mountain Bike Team

•  Sponsor/Supporter – Marin County Bicycle Coalition

•  Member/Fit Sponsor – Team Fusion Sport

•  Licensed Category 2 Road and Cyclocross racer

•  Wilderness First Aid Certified

•  CPR Certified

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