The fit. Its about a philosophy. Its about what the fitter brings to the table.

Comfort, injury prevention and power. Those items, in that order, are the tenets that have guided my personal and professional fit philosophy. I've been riding bikes for as long as I can remember and along the way I have been on the eternal quest of "the perfect fit". Is there such a thing? I doubt it. . People change. They get stronger, weaker, more flexible, less flexible and riding styles change. Its these changes that make a fit a moving target, a snapshot in time.

A cornerstone of my fit philosophy is that the work is a collaborative effort between the client and fitter. To that end, the single most important aspect of any fit is listening. Its up to me to ask the right questions, make determinations and correctly prescript based on the client's health history and goals. I listen....I don't assume. I never enter into an appointment with pre-concieved notions of how the fit will proceed.

Over the years I have worked with cyclists of all abilities and goals. Ironman champions to masters national cycling champions, professional cyclists to teammates to beginner cylists. Whether you are a professional cyclist or triathlete, a recreational rider, someone who has been prescribed a non-impact exercise regime by your physician or are starting a long personal journey towards a life of fitness and two wheeled exploration I recommend first things first. Have your bicycle fit to you correctly.

I am often asked "What type of fits do you do?" Its a good question. I do fits on all types of bicycle styles...road, triathlon, time trial, mountain and hybrid. To a certain extent the type of bike will drive part of the fit. That aside I do not have a "type" or "style" of fit. Every person is unique. We all have different roads we've travelled and the corresponding stories of how we've arrived at where we are today. Its those stories that drive your fit. Its my job to listen. Its my job to interpret.

During a fitting you can expect:

•  your cleats to be set precisly, longitudinally and laterally, according to the size and configuration of your feet
•  an overall assessment and coaching of your positioning and weight distribution on the bike
•  your saddle adjusted to the correct height, fore/aft and angle
•  handlebars to the correct reach, height and roll
•  suggestions of any part upgrades to have your bike fit you better
•  an accurate assessment of the ideal frame size and geometry (top tube size and stack/reach)
•  laser guided accuracy of all measurments, recorded to the millimeter, sent to you in an electronic file
•  any parts that need to be changed to attain a better fit (labor included in the price of your hidden charges)
•  leg length discrepancy prescriptive measures
•  knee tracking correctioning
•  helpful insights and answers to any questions you have related to your fit or your bike