Services you can expect.

Bike Fit $275

Scheduled for two hours this service includes an interview focusing on goals, health history and flexibility. Cleats are set, all bicycle parts are adjusted, recommendations made and if necessary new parts installed. (labor for installation/adjustment of parts is included) Your fit coordinates, pre and post fit, are recorded to the millimeter and transmitted electronically for your records.

Fit Replication $100

A discerning eye and the proper equipment is needed to apply your fit specification to another bicycle. Guessing and “eyeballing” the settings of your second bike is a big mistake. Leave it up to me. Laser guided measurements to the millimeter are not being too dramatic, they’re simply necessary.

Coached Rides $100 per hr

One on one rides focused on you and the areas you want to improve upon. From climbing quicker to descending with more confidence, from learning how to handle corners to clipping in and out of pedals for the first time or simply understanding the basics of how to sit and address your bike. On-the-bike practical learning is the cornerstone of improving your cycling.

Consultation $25 per 1/4 hr

Have a general cycling question and not sure where to turn? I can help. Equipment recommendations, riding techniques, etc.

Cleat Set $35

Perhaps the cornerstone of a good fit and usually the source of sore knees, IT band and joint issues if done incorrectly. Proper lateral, longitudinal and rotational placement is crucial to cycling comfort.

Discounts Available

Although my sponsorship budget has been allocated for 2013 there are other discounting options. Group fits allow me to reduce my costs and decrease travel time. Book two or more fits, whether its for two of your bikes or you and a friend, and save $50.

Standard Fit Price – $275
Group Price Per Fit – $225

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